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Who's Decoe and Bocoe?

Who are they? WHO ARE THEY?! Well, I'll tell you.

**NOTE: Contains spoilers from the Japanese version!! In fact, that picture was a spoiler!! Read at your own risk!!**
And whenever I mention subtitles, credit goes to people that subbed them, being Hazuki, GTW, Coxy1987, and HEDGESMFG.

Decoe and Bocoe are Eggman's two probably servant-like robots, Decoe being the yellow-ish robot and Bocoe being the gray (although he's really kinda blue-ish gray). Because they aren't mentioned much, we don't know much about teir past aside from, well... Eggman created them. So feel free to make resonable things up (and send in fanfictions!!)

Now, sometimes... they can be easily afraid of things... for example, Decoe does NOT likes slugs, as seen here:

See? I told you.

Anyway, so they can easily freak out. They appear more in episode 48 (Sonic Vs. Monster From Underground) than probably any other, which is where I'm getting these things, including the slug picture. So, they can sometimes be evil, but they're really probably just loyal to Dr. Eggman. However, they seem to have a lot of freedom sometimes, for example, they constantly say little things to Eggman like, "Eggman, you may as well give up," and in the English version (*twitch*) Eggman once suggested he should excercise, and they nod in agreement saying "You should!". I guess, they're just funny and don't mind joking. Yes, Eggman's loyal robots...

Now, there was one time that changed...

This could have all been a trick, but in the Japanese version, it's likely Decoe and Bocoe turned from Eggman at one point.

It all probably started back in episode 40 (can't remember the title right now), where the sun was covered by the "Egg Moon," which is basically the moon after being blown up from the SA2 episodes. Yeah, if you don't know much about the Japanese version you may be lost right now... anyway, so since the sunlight was gone, Eggman was selling sunshine balls. SO, Decoe and Bocoe (finally) set them up for people. Helen (the blonde girl) thanked them as they were driving away. Then as the two robots were driving away in some truck, Bocoe said "If you do such good deeds, it makes you feel very happy! I never knew that!" Decoe then replied "You're right." And as kids-ish as it was, it was so incredibly cute to see them be good... almost, anyway.

Now until further episodes are subtitled, we're moving to episode 48...

Dr. Eggman sets off a bomb to explode later, and I'll get to that more soon. Now, what looks like an ancient monster attacks the island Sonic and pretty much everyone is on. For some reason Decoe and Bocoe agree to team up and try to defeat it, and when they try to form together... well... nothing happens. The monster (as well as Chris, but that's not important) expected a gigantic killer robot, and the fact that they were still two small robots just... made him angry. I duno, they said sometihng too. So the monster beats them to pieces in one hit. Meanwhile, Sonic, Knuckles, and Rouge (don't ask...) team up and kill the robot. After a huge explosion from the Eggman's time bomb, Sonic and all his friends set off on a boat and look back at the island. It's Chris who remembers Decoe and Bocoe, and has a few flashbacks (from the season finale, episode 38, and episode 44). After he screams their names (and before I was about to cry), two familiar robots step out from inside the boat, followed by Chuck, and both appeared very happy. Yes, Decoe and Bocoe! (OMG THEY WERE SO CUUUUTE!) Chuck explained something (and somewhere in there, I'm assuming he said he fixed them), then Decoe and bocoe get angry, say something about Eggman, and yell something while looking at the island. They're seen in the next episode helping with Chris's house. (OMG THEY WERE SO CUUUUUTE AGAIN!) After this, they go back to Eggman's side, though.

Sorry, that was like my third or fourth favorite episode...

Voice Actors!!

Coming one day...

Japanese Voice Actors!!
Note: This was taken from the "Sonic Adventure 2 Movie" credits, and I have no idea where that can be downloaded now cause the place I got it from had bandwidth problems recently (heck EVERY Sonic X episode site's had bandwidth problems...)

Decoe: Ken Yamagouchi
Bocoe: Chikao Ohtsuka

(COMPELTELY unknown)


(beyond competely unknown... I don't think Bocoe's even said anything yet XD)

If anyone has any information, yes, that'd be wonderful...

Thanks for reading about Decoe and Bocoe! They probably feel loved!!


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But most importantly, become a Decoe 'n Bocoe fan.