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A place where peoples can advertise their sites. Sonic sites go first, and other sites go last. They're listed by size, smaller buttons going first, because otherwise, they're kinda unnoticed.

However, I'm seeing the site first. If it's something I don't like, I won't link back... by not liking, I mean, you know... PG-13 rated or something. Come on, fans of Decoe and Bocoe may not want that, really...


Sonic Sites

This is my good fanlisting. Join. Now. Please...?

Different Sites

A site for the Yu-Gi-Oh pairing, Kuriboh and Watapon. Ish cute! Makes little sense, but cute!

Fanlistings I've joined:

Self explanatory. Shame it kinda died... I'm gonna cry now, this site ruled. ''Forevermore'' - a site dedicated to the relationship of Beast Boy and Raven from Teen Titans. ''Magix Winx'' - A cute Winx Club fanlisting. Time Squad Fanlisting. ''Childhood Friends'' - A site for Yugi and Anzu cuteness and such.
"We Heart Pointy Hair!"

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Linking back

So you're nice enough to help me get peoples to this site? *sniff* OH THAT'S SO NICE OF YOU! Or... maybe you're just reading this cause you were done looking at the other sites. Either way, you can use these buttons and such to link to this site, just remember NO HOTLINKING, thank you.


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