Decoe and Bocoe fans!


It seems like I repeatedly rip thing off, so I decided to make this. Decoe and Bocoe are (C) The creators of Sonic X.
All the screenshots on the Official art page were captured by me.
A few pictures were taken from Team Artail.

Far as translated Japanese Sonic X shows go, with the exception of three lines (two being half in Engligh and the other only one word XD), credit goes to the people that work on the bSubs... which would be Hazuki, GTW, Coxy1987, and HEDGESMFG.
Any fan creations are (C) them.
And stuff.

Decoe and Bocoe are (C) Sonic Team/ the creators of Sonic X.
Don't use any of this stuff without the owner's permission.
But most importantly, become a Decoe 'n Bocoe fan.