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Each Mind Has a Heart

By Papersak


(Short note: Okay, this is like... after Sonic X and Sonic Battle fused together. They all left Earth and stuff, but live in a city like place. And Shadow is still around. Gamma is, too, just... not... exactly around yet. You'll see. Basically, it kinda IS like Sonic X, only with Gamma and Shadow. And don't ask how they're alive... anything I come up with sounds reeeeally stupid.)

There's those who are hated... those loved... and those known for odd reasons. However, there are also those who we seem to look past. Those we ignore. Those who seemed to lack purpose. They aren't hated, or loved by many. Simply there. Perhaps some like them, and some wish they'd die. It's that reason they have a story to tell...

Far off in a distant world, there lived a loved hero, Sonic the hedgehog, a teenage blue hedgehog who could run at the speed of sound. And with every hero comes a villain.

In this world, where animals spoke or could have such powers, there was a lab. With a strangely shaped man, named Dr. Eggman. He was never going to give up taking over the world. He was the evil side of this place, though he was not evil himself. His plans were carried out through his robots. And yet some failed, such as the E-series, especially E-102. Some did remain loyal, yet others had minds of their own.

This would be the new part: the fact that some robots had a free will, and who knows what side they're on sometimes. Two in particular. Although created by Eggman, they're friendlier then other robots; they speak whatever they think, including thoughts against their creator. Yet they really have nothing against him...

Perhaps one day, something would happen to someone... changing all of this.

- - - - - - - - - - -

One day, after being constantly defeated by Sonic the hedgehog, Dr. Eggman decided it was time for something different. He decided to make a robot smarter, to come up with more ideas than he did.

Only, that didn't work. He put together two robots, one some kind of yellow brown, the other a blueish gray. Each had a mind of its own, whether that would be a good or a bad thing. However, he was only experimenting with a robot's mind, so they weren't given weapons... that they could activate without looking deep inside their selves. Unlike his grandfather, he didn't aim to give them hearts. Instead, the only way to activate their inner weapons was by anger.

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