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Part 9 Where is "somewhere"?

Decoe was on his side when he finally woke up. He got up, but fell instantly because he forgot about his right foot. He got up again, being very careful with how he stood. That was somewhat difficult, so, he just sat on the log.

... the log! It was all coming back to him now. The whole thing with being fired by Dr. Eggman and escaping, being injured, and then Bocoe found a card and also... he just wasn't there. Decoe was about to panic when suddenly...

"Hi, Decoe!" Bocoe said, walking over, carrying a large stick.

"Oh... hi," said Decoe. "Um... what's the stick for?"

"You, actually. I think it's for when people have problems walking..."

"So... otherwise I can't walk?"

"That, and I'm not letting you lean on my again."

Decoe sighed and took the large stick. He got up and leaned on it, and the upper small part snapped. "Ah... great." Decoe was still able to lean on it, as long as his arm was stretched out far enough.

"All right," Bocoe said, "where are we going from here?"

"I don't know," Decoe replied, "I'm just following you."

"So... let's do what we did last night... go forward!"

And so they did. They traveled right through the forest.


Hours later, they exited the forest.

Bocoe ran up to a log that just happened to be there.

"FINALLY," he said as he fell onto the log, "we made it out..."

"Actually, Bocoe," Decoe started, and then looked at the ground, "this is exactly where we started. Cause here's the stick that broke off mine." He then also fell on the log.

"How'd this happen?" Bocoe asked, still on the log. "I mean aside from the time you ran away from that bird or the time we found some kind of quicksand or something and the time I got stuck in the mud..."

Decoe sighed. "We'll never find anybody..."

"Who would we be looking for anyway?" asked Bocoe.

"Anyone... except one of Dr. Eggman's robots."

"What if we donít? Because I somehow doubt we're ever getting anywhere."

"We have to." Bocoe sighed and closed his eyes. "Well, let's try the mountains. I mean, more people will see us there."

"Even though no one at all sees us now," Decoe added.

"All right, so we are kind of hopeless right now," Bocoe said, "but it's that and maybe we can also see something or someone else from there."

Decoe and Bocoe were making their way to the mountains, basically by climbing the first one they saw. It also just happened to be one of the very tall ones, so it seemed like it took half an eternity to them. The computer chip Bocoe found earlier made him curious enough to hold onto it, but in order to climb, he put it in a small storage-like thing in the tip of his index finger. Decoe had severe trouble climbing, but he simply dug his right foot into cracks and used them as steps of some sort. When about 6 hours passed, they took a break, as they were about a little past halfway to the top.

Bocoe was leaning against a rocky wall-like thing, as Decoe was still catching up to him. When he finally did, he just fell on what was used as the ground for a few moments. Then he lifted his head up and said "I TOLD you we should've climbed THAT mountain," as he pointed to a mountain nearby, which they could actually see the top from. Decoe put his head down again.

Suddenly, a huge strong wind blew by, and it blew Decoe off the ground for a few seconds. Both of them panicked, and Decoe ran to the "wall" Bocoe was leaning on the instant he was back on the ground. Both of them looked in the direction the wind blew to, by some strange instinct.

Unexpectedly, a familiar blue blur went by. Decoe and Bocoe looked at each other and thought for a second.

"Do you think he could help?" asked Bocoe.

"I don't know," Decoe replied, "but it's worth a shot. I mean, we're not really on Dr. Eggman's side anymore.

"So... how will we catch up to him?"

"I have no idea..."

Both robots sighed.

"Well," Bocoe thought, "maybe if we finished climbing this mountain, he might see us."

"I guess," Decoe half agreed.

They resumed climbing for about another hour, when they spotted Sonic again. Bocoe was ahead of Decoe, and Decoe didn't notice, so his head accidentally hit Bocoe, and both of them lost their balance. Fortunately, because Decoe's foot was stuck in the mountain, he held onto Bocoe's arm and neither of them fell. They were, however, hanging from the side of the mountain.

Bocoe, relying only on Decoe's arm to hang on, was the first to cry out, "HEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLPPPP!!!" Decoe repeated it shortly after Bocoe began to yell.

Luckily their voices echoed through the mountains, and Sonic faintly heard it. He looked around for where it came from. "What the heck?" he said to himself. "The voices almost sound familiar..."

"OVER HEEEEEERREEE!" the robots yelled again. Bocoe's arm was slipping, and only a small part of Decoe's foot remained in the mountain. Sonic turned his head, and all he could see were two dots hanging from the mountain, and because he had no idea who they were, he sped over to help them.

When he was near, Decoe yelled, "Help uuuus!"

"Don't you realize you're only about 4 feet above a flat part?"

The robots instantly looked down, and there it was. A narrow, but good sized flat area to stand on. Decoe's foot finally slipped out and at the same time he let go of Bocoe. Both of them fell down.

"So... what are you two doing out here?" Sonic asked, half as if looking for a fight.

"Well, you see," Decoe started as he got off the ground, "We messed up one of Eggman's robots... and... ... we're fired."

Sonic raised an eyebrow, wherever it was at on his face. "Really?" he said in a suspicious tone. "So you're not gonna try to trick me or anything, huh?"

"No," Bocoe replied, "without Dr. Eggman, see, we're really not that smart."

"Really?" Sonic looked away and smiled. "Kinda the thing I'd expect from old Eggman... heh..." Sonic glanced at Decoe and Bocoe, and his smile faded when he saw neither of them looked happy about that. "Erm... sorry."

The robots sighed. "Just... how do we get down from here?" Bocoe asked.

"Easy," Sonic started, "just start running!"

"No, 'we' as in the two of us," Decoe said.

"Ah," Sonic started. "... that might be a problem..."

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