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Part 10 - Get used to it.

To get down the mountain they were on, Sonic grabbed one of their arms and ran fast enough so the two of them floated in the air. He sped through the lower mountains, having to put up with Decoe and Bocoe's screaming the entire way. However, since Sonic was running somewhere near the speed of sound, the robots' voices were very faint.

He ran to the town area where Tails lived, and finally set them down. Decoe and Bocoe were completely silent and staring blankly, in some sort of shock from going so fast. Sonic stared back at them for a second or two and then walked to Tails's door. But Tails answered just before Sonic knocked.

"Hi, Sonic," Tails greeted. "I kinda heard you stopping instantly in front of this place..."

"Hey, Tails," Sonic said. "So you know anything about what we should do with these guys?" He pointed his thumb back at Decoe and Bocoe, who were now conscious enough to tell what was happening. Both of them waved nervously.

"Why'd you bring THOSE two here?" Tails asked, quiet enough so they didn't hear.

"I dunno," Sonic started to answer, "they looked kinda desperate. 'Sides, I can't be a hero if I don't help them out."

"Well, that's good, Sonic." Tails glanced at them. "Wait... what do you mean by saving them."

Sonic explained that all he knew was Decoe and Bocoe were fired, and for some odd reason he found them hanging onto a cliff on a high mountain.

"Fired?" Tails asked. He glanced over at Decoe and Bocoe, who'd heard everything after Sonic started telling his story.

The robots nodded sadly. "I guess we're messing up Dr. Eggman's plans," Decoe started. "Like the time we were at the volcano... and that whole period of time we left him to be good... and then there's probably more times, but I can't remember them right now."

"Well, it sounds like something he'd do," said Tails.

"Created beings can never be understood."

"Huh?" Tails asked, looking at the deep voice that came from behind him. It was Shadow. "Er... hi... Shadow."

"Hmph," Shadow said. He looked over at Decoe and Bocoe. It was almost one of those evil glares, and it caused those two to fear him. But it was really just one of those expressions Shadow used to almost study someone for a moment. He was surprised to see them there, even if he'd barely known them. "So," he began, "you were Eggman's two servant robots."

"Er... yeah," Decoe said, still afraid.

"I remember. You were the two robots who constantly fixed things, and carried the Master Emerald through the Space Colony ARK with Sonic and Knuckles. It somehow surprises me that someone made of metal could still have the least bit of emotions, then again, when you think about it, it can seem perfectly normal."

"Yeah," Bocoe said, becoming more calm than before, "and... we remember you, too!"

"I think," said Decoe, but Bocoe kicked him, not wanting to anger Shadow, so Decoe shifted his first sentence. "I mean, yeah, we both remember you well!"

"Hmm," Shadow said as he began to think, "don't you think you should warn others about them? They were both Eggman's robots, after all."

"Probably," Sonic replied. "We may as well go tell Cream, and Amy will find us eventually, if not, we'll probably let Knuckles go... if he ever comes around here, anyway."

"And I'll tell Rouge," said Shadow, "considering, there's not much of a reason to stay here." He was once again acting like he did the first time anyone met him. He skated away about a second after he said that.

Sonic and Tails began to run to Cream and Vanilla's house. Decoe and Bocoe stood for a moment, then looked at each other, silently saying "We should follow them" to each other, but just as they looked forward, Amy was standing there, both of them made a short scream, partially because she appeared out of nowhere, and partially because she was angry and holding her hammer. Decoe nearly fell back, for because of his injured foot he almost lost his balance.

"All right, you two!" she yelled at them. "Why are you here and what are you gonna do to Sonic?! Because if you lay one of your metal fingers on him..."

Decoe and Bocoe made slight noises as both of them were too afraid to really say anything, or even scream for that matter.

However, Amy was yelling just loud enough for Tails to hear, and with that, he stopped Sonic and asked him to go back.

"Hold it, Amy!" yelled Sonic, as he was running up to her.

Amy instantly calmed down at the sound of Sonic's voice. As soon as she saw him, actually running TO her and not from her, she threw her hammer randomly at Decoe and Bocoe. It was too high to hit Bocoe, and Decoe simply ducked.

Amy ran up to Sonic faster than he was running to her, and she hugged him. "There you are Sonic!!" she said happily.

"Oh great," Sonic mumbled as quietly as possible, "Uh... Amy, there's something I have to tell you."

"What's that, Sonic?" Amy asked, hoping it was something along the lines of a love confession.

"See, these two, you know, Eggman's robots, they were fired from Dr. Eggman," he began to whisper "or that's what we've heard, anyway," and resumed his normal tone, "so they're going to be around here for... who knows how long."

"Oh," Amy said, growing somewhat nervous as she turned to Decoe and Bocoe, "heh... I... guess I shouldn't have tried to kill you... sorry about that."

"That's okay," Bocoe said, holding up his hands as if making "stop" motions, "just... don't do it again, please."

"All right," Amy agreed, "So... what were your names again?"

Each robot said their own name.



"Okay, I remember now," Amy said, turning to Sonic, "So what are you doing now, Sonic?"

"Just," Sonic started, "going to tell the others, so nothing like this happens again."

"Okay!" Amy exclaimed. "I'll come with you!" She grabbed his right arm as both of them walked to Cream's house, which wasn't exceedingly far.

Decoe and Bocoe both figured they'd follow everyone this time. Not that there were a lot of other people to be afraid of around there.

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