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Part 11 - Friends one day.

Eventually, Sonic's friends (as well as Rouge, wherever she fell as far as relationships went) all knew about Decoe and Bocoe.

Cream reacted afraid at first, considering her fear of robots after the incident with Emerl, but Sonic had to once again assure he'd never let that happen again, especially considering if Decoe and Bocoe had any real weapons, Eggman would've probably used them.

Knuckles, guarding the Master Emerald all day didn't care much, just as long as they remained out of his way, or at least away from Angel Island. As long as they never caused any harm, he never would either.

The two robots were actually somewhat shy around everyone, considering even though they were with Chris's family for a short period of time in the last world, they never knew Sonic or anyone else well. However, they were slowly becoming friends with everyone. Veeeery slowly.

During the first day, Decoe and Bocoe basically spent most of their time following Sonic around as he was warning everybody. By the time they'd finally come back to the town-like area, the sun was just beginning to set, and part of the sky was turning pink, if you could see over the buildings and other such.

Sonic looked at the sky. "Well, I should be going off now. See you tomorrow, guys!" Sonic ran off to his left, going down the road, until no one could see him anymore. Amy, Tails, Decoe, and Bocoe were left standing next to someone's house they never knew of.

"I should be going, too," said Amy, "I should rest so I can boxercise tomorrow..."

"I thought you stopped doing that," said Tails.

"Kind of," Amy explained, "Creams was afraid I was doing I was going to get hurt by doing it too fast, so I promised I wouldn't use any more weights than I have to. And I'm kind of on a less strict diet... besides, I need to practice cooking if I want to further impress Sonic!" Amy walked home, which was in the opposite direction as Sonic was running. "Bye!" she said, waving.

Tails, Decoe, and Bocoe waved back, all saying "Bye!" at about the same time. Thy sky was now completely either pink or orange.

"So," Tails began, "I guess you don't have a place to stay, huh?"

The robots shook their heads. "Not anymore," Bocoe answered.

Tails looked to his right, just to avoid eye contact as he began to think about what he should do. "I guess I can let you guys stay here," he offered. "There's an extra room."

"Um... sure!" Decoe said. He and Bocoe felt they didn't know Tails well, but they had no other option, and both of them were grateful that someone decided to help them like that.

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