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Part 12 - Something strange.

As Decoe and Bocoe were walking in Tails's house(actually, Decoe had to lean on Bocoe again, so you could say he wasn't walking), they noticed a normal personal computer. There were two staircases, one going up, and one down. Both of them were simple wood, not painted any certain color, because the rest of the house lacked color as well. The walls were just painted white. The floor was simply wood, and there was another room after a doorway where the three people could see a brownish-red couch in the distance.

"Well," Tails began, "I guess I should show you guys the bedroom."

The robots nodded in agreement. Unfortunately, it was upstairs, and both Bocoe and Tails had to help him up.

They went down a short hallway and came to another room. It wasn't exactly rotting away, but it did seem like it was abandoned for a period of time. Whatever happened to it, Tails had kept it clean enough to work. There was only one single-sized bed on the side.

"I'm gonna have to get a sleeping bag or something," said Tails. "Um... Decoe seems too tall for a sleeping bag, so unless something changes, Bocoe will have to sleep on the floor.

"That's okay," said Bocoe, "it was never much better with Dr. Eggman. Although we never had to be on the floor..."

"Oh?" Tails asked, interested. "What was it like?"

"Well," Bocoe started, "basically, we only slept when we were tired. See, we need to be awake as much as possible, in case Dr. Eggman needs us. Normally, when he finally sleeps, we do, too. And whenever he's planning something that will take a very long time... so we're used to staying awake, right Decoe?" Bocoe looked where Decoe once stood, but he wasn't there.

He and Tails glanced at the bed. Decoe had already fallen on the bed and was snoring softly.

Tails laughed. "I guess he's just tired from running away. Speaking of running..." He looked at Decoe's leg. "I guess I'm gonna fix him, soon."

"Oh.. that's right... you're the guy who fixed us after falling apart at the center of that other world."

"Uh-huh," Tails said. He remembered everyone else on the boat, including Chuck, who'd helped him fix them, but he tried to forget.

"Since you know about robots," Bocoe began, "can you find out what this thing is?" Bocoe opened part of his pointer finger and the tiny green chip sort of came out. It fell into his hand and his finger returned to normal. He handed the card to Tails, who examined it.

"I might be able to find something out," Tails answered. "Where'd you find it?"

"It was in Eggman's huge pile of broken robots," Bocoe replied. "But none of his memory cards glow unless they're still alive."

"Alive?" Tails asked. He never thought of robots being alive, but of course, Decoe and Bocoe were different than some others. He looked back at the card. "I'll try to find out something." Tails assured. "But I should probably get that sleeping bag now..."

"All right..." Bocoe said. Tails left the room for a little bit. Bocoe looked around. The room, as said earlier, looked abandoned and had a light amount of dust in places. Next to the bed was a cheap nightstand. There was a desk on the right side of the room, but without the dust, it would look as if it was rarely used. Perhaps never at all.

Tails came back in about a few minutes with a green sleeping bag and a pillow. "Okay," Tails said, "this is all I could find in a few minutes. And I'm sorry I didn't have an extra bed or mattress or anything..."

"That's fine," Bocoe forgave him, as he did earlier. He took the stuff from Tails, and Tails walked away. He turned back as he was walking and said "Good night!" while waving. Bocoe simply waved back.

He unrolled the sleeping bag and put the pillow down. He got in it, although he had a little trouble being able to fit. He was eventually resting, and he instantly grew tired again. Practically unable to hear Decoe's snoring, Bocoe fell asleep.

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