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Part 13 - A while ago.

Bocoe was the first to wake up, just like the day before, difference being now they were indoors. Bocoe wondered what he'd do now. He didn't think he had much of a reason to be awake. Now, they were safely away from Eggman, and they didn't have anything to do for him, like before when they had that huge robot they messed up. Following that, they were of course fired, and then this "Becoe" robot was made saying the huge robot would be fixed within a week and-

OH MY GOSH, Bocoe thought to himself as he instantly sat up, IT'S COMING IN A WEEK!

He figured he'd have to warn Tails, considering he had no idea where Sonic or anyone else was. He walked down the stairs and then over to Tail's PC.

But Tails wasn't there. There was another room where he heard faint noises however. It was coming from a door next to the small computer. Bocoe opened it, and there was Tails, on a much bigger computer. He was typing rapidly, pushing the "ENTER" key, and getting discouraged as he heard a buzzing noise.

"What are you doing Tails?" asked Bocoe.

Tails immediately turned his head, for he didn't expect Bocoe to be there. "Hi, Bocoe," Tails greeted. He turned back to his computer and typed in something else, only to hear another buzzing sound. "I'm working on that chip you gave me... it's password protected, and I can't think of what Dr. Eggman would put for it."

"Did you try "EGGMANEMPIRE?" Bocoe suggested.


"What about IQ300?"



"Not yet," Tails reluctantly typed it, but he heard the buzzing noise. "Yep."

"Well... have you tried just typing what the card says on it?"

"No, because it can't be that easy."

"Try it. It's..." Bocoe tried to remember. Being a robot, he had a perfect memory, and could use it when needed. "681053-1023RR0R019284."

Tails could type fast, and he had no problem keeping up with what Bocoe said. The password's letters and numbers fit perfectly, and as he pushed enter, many green numbers appeared over a black background. "Wow," Tails said, "It was that easy. I guess Eggman thought we'd never expect that..."

"Yeah," Bocoe agreed. He thought for a moment, and then remembered the real reason he was there. "Ah! Tails! There's something I have to tell you and Sonic!"

"What is it?" Tails asked.

"When Decoe and I were escaping, we overheard Dr. Eggman's plans for his robot. He has a new assistant robot that replaced both of us. And the assistant said that the huge robot would be ready to be used in one week from... um... yesterday!"

"Really?" Tails asked. "Yeah, we should tell Sonic. What kind of robot?"

"It's one that will magnify the sun's rays," Bocoe explained. "And he plans to use it to shoot the planet if Sonic doesn't surrender."

"Oh no!" Tails explained. "I wish I knew where Sonic was now..."

"Where does he always go?"

"Just... exploring, I suppose," Tails tried to answer. "He just likes fresh air and looking for new challenges. You see..." Tails paused, "a few years ago, Sonic always used to be like my brother. No one seemed to accept that I liked machines. I was never strong enough to defend myself, and often my projects would be destroyed because of that. But then I saw Sonic, and decided to follow him for some reason. And then we were friends. That's where the other room came from. He hasn't been using it for a long time. He travels a lot, and stays wherever he wants to. We're still friends and all, but... I kinda miss having him around."

"Oh," Bocoe said, because he couldn’t think of much else.

Tails got out of it, though. "But that's okay, I mean, it's not like I'm alone."

There was a huge crash outside the room. It sounded like some large metal object fell. Tails got out of his chair and ran to the door, with Bocoe following him.

And in front of the stairs was Decoe, lying on the floor.

"Good morning... guys," he said, lifting his head up, and then putting it back down. "Ow..."

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