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Part 14 - To walk again.

Both Tails and Bocoe helped Decoe up.

"I think it's time to fix that," Tails started.

"Oh... good," Decoe said. "... how will you do that?"

"It won't be that hard," Tails said, "I'll just need some tools, gonna turn you off and-"

"Wait," Decoe started, "as in shut off my power?!"

"Um, yeah," Tails said, "how come?"

"It's just strange being unconscious," said Decoe, "and also kind of scary..."

Tails thought for a moment. Not about fixing Decoe's leg, but how a robot would actually be afraid of something like this. "But Decoe, we had to do it a long time ago, the first time when you and Bocoe broke."

"That time I was already off, though!" said Decoe. He paused. "Well... it's not that bad, I guess. I just feel like I'm not alive when it happens..."

"Don't worry, you'll be walking before you know it. I wouldn't keep you off forever."

Decoe sighed. "Okay... when are you doing this?"

"Right now. We just need to go over to my lab."

"You have another place?"

"Yep, just for machines and robots."

Decoe reluctantly followed Tails out the door, as Bocoe had to help him.

They walked a little ways, across a few streets, to Tails's lab. Inside, it was full of machines and computers, somewhat similar to one of Eggman's rebuilt-many-times labs.

The three walked to a room to their left just as they entered the building.

"This," Tails began, "is where I fix and create robots." There was a table in the middle and many tools. Heck, with the table in the center and with what the room's purpose was, you could compare it to some kind of hospital room.

Bocoe left the room to wait. Decoe had calmed down now, remembering he'd been through this without any pain before. Tails was getting out a hammer, some screwdrivers, and other random tools. Decoe turned around a little after he heard Tails, and then looked at the table. He got on it, and then Tails clicked him off, using a simply switch on the back of his head.

Without going into many details, Tails managed to flat out his leg and feet by hammering from the inside. Unscrewing the nuts and bolts was what took the longest, and the whole thing took about an hour. Tails also managed to quickly restore any broken wires as well.

While Bocoe was waiting, he was looking at the computers. It was somewhat boring, though, because it wasn't much different from Eggman's lab. That and half the computers were off. So for most part, Bocoe sat in one of the spinning computer chairs, swinging slowly from side to side, kicking the deck in front of him. After about a half hour, he started spinning on it. And he began to go faster... and faster...

When Tails finally finished, he screwed the last bolt onto Decoe's ankle, and double-checked to make sure it was on tight enough. He the clicked the switch and Decoe's eyes shot open.

"Where am I?!" Decoe asked. He blinked twice, and then lifted his head enough to see in front of him, while still lying down. He lifted his feet to kick his way up, but he looked at his right leg for a moment. "It's fixed," he said, putting it back down and using his arms to push himself up instead. He looked at Tails. "Thanks," he said to him.

"No problem," Tails replied, "just felt like something I should do. Besides," Tails paused for a short moment, "It was never you and your friend we were enemies with, it was Dr. Eggman."

Decoe looked forward, and down a little. "Well," he began, "there's always going to be a little feeling for him being my master. He's the one that created me. It's something you feel like you can never repay... "

"I kinda get it," said Tails. "But I don't think you guys are still our enemies."

Decoe stood, and was instantly happy from not having to try with all his might to keep his balance, only to fall after one step. With his eyes shut from the joy, he was running out to tell Bocoe. The thing is, due to not looking, he ran into the door. He opened his eyes, opened the door, and THEN ran out.

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