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Part 15 - The Chip

Now that Tails has broken into the green computer chip, he examined the data. 'I think this was a real robot,' he thought to himself. 'If I can figure out the code here, I might be able to get pictures from its memory.' He looked at the huge amount of letters and numbers, although most of it was numbers. He used what knowledge he had of files and tried to make sense out of some of it.

Just then, there was a knock on the door. As Bocoe was about to answer it, Decoe decided to abuse the fact he could walk, and ran to the door to get it first. He opened it to reveal Amy standing there, in her usual somewhat cheerful mood.

"Hey Tails!" She said, waving. "Do you know where Sonic's at?"

"Nope, sorry Amy," he said, glancing at her for a few seconds, then returning to his computer.

Amy was a little annoyed that he was focusing on it so much, and, at the same time, was somewhat curious to see. "What are you doing?" she asked him.

"Well," Tails started, "Decoe and Bocoe had this computer chip, so I decided to look at it."

Amy walked behind him to look closer at the screen. She didn't understand any of it, but she figured it wouldn't be long before something actually happened.

However, Tails was never a fan of people watching him as he worked on something, and having her stand right behind her sort of broke his concentration, if you'd call it that. It ended up taking what seemed like an hour later, although it was really only fifteen minutes, before Tails finally said, "You know, Amy, maybe you should wait for Sonic."

"Good idea!" She said. Tails mentally gave a sigh of relief, for he'd hoped he wasn't going to sound mean.

Amy walked out of the room, to see Decoe and Bocoe doing one of the things they did best: cleaning. The robots saw her walk by and waved.

"I guess this is where you guys are staying, huh?" Amy asked. The robots nodded in reply. "And you guys are SURE you don't know where Sonic is?" They nodded again.

Amy sighed. "Oh well. That's just how he is. He's always somewhere. Especially since we came back from Earth, although I'm not sure why. But his running skill," she had a dreamy look on her face, "is what I love about him the most."

Decoe and Bocoe were about to laugh, considering everyone except Amy was always under the impression that Sonic would never truly love her back. But they wouldn't want to hurt a girl's dream, now, would they?

"Amy!!" Tails yelled from in the other room.

"Yeah?" Amy yelled back.

"You might wanna com in here!"

She walked calmly, despite Tails's shocked tone. She came inside to see Tails staring at the screen. He did the same as before and looked at her for about three seconds and directly back at the screen.

"What is it?" Amy demanded. But when she looked at the screen, she was about as surprised as Tails was.

There was a picture of her, looking down at them, with the blue bird Lily in the background.

"Wha... that's... me," Amy started, "and... why is Lily there? This isn't-"

"This was in the robot's memory, Amy," Tails confirmed. "So this robot has seen you before."

Tails looked through more pictures. He managed to find a soundless movie-like memory clip. It was a dark prison, and there was Amy, holding Lily. She appeared angry, and later grew sad as she spoke to him. The bird flew up to the robot's face, and the eyes looked away. The bars holding Amy in her cell were shot.

"I remember the whole thing," said Amy, "and this isn't an ordinary robot. This is..."

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