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Each Mind Has a Heart

By Papersak

Part 1 - A New Plan.

Eggman had an underground base this time, trying to plot against Sonic. His most recent failure would be his flying ship and his lecture late at night. Instead of bringing fear, that only angered and made people angrier at him. So he decided to hide in this new area temporarily, until he came up with something brilliant. As in, better than he thought his past ideas were.

And then he had it. Of course, it was a secret at that point...

Eggman glanced at a large shadowed room and called out, "DECOE! BOCOE!"

After that, there were two screams and a few crashes. After a few seconds, the two robots ran to Dr. Eggman each holding a towel.

"Yes, Dr. Eggman?" Decoe answered.

"How's my robot looking?"

"It's almost perfect," replied Bocoe, the shorter robot. "In just a little bit, it shouldn't have any flaws and be perfectly clear soon!"

"Good," Dr. Eggman said, "then keep going until you're done." He left them. Both robots hurried back to finish what looked like cleaning the robot.

"I wonder..." Decoe said, "if Dr. Eggman will ever succeed."

"Maybe," Bocoe replied, "though many of his attempts end up failing... hey! Look!"


"I can see my reflection in this robot!"

"Ah! Why can't I see mine?"

"You have to be on the shiny part."

"It is shiny here, though..."

"Well, clean it some more."

Decoe wiped the metal part of the robot in front of him. "Let me see your part..."

Bocoe just happened to be by a glassy area. "Oh, I see. No fair, your part is glass..."

"Most of this is glass, Decoe."

"Oh... so... I'll just go somewhere else. My part is as clean as it needs to be for Dr. Eggman..."

Why it would need to be perfectly shiny is beyond us right now...

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