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Each Mind Has a Heart

By Papersak

Part 2 - News

Sonic was busy exploring as he normally did. He was running through the quiet mountains, and he looked at the sky. The clear blue sky and how the sun lit it up so nicely. He grinned and continued running.

Although he did notice something odd about one mountain. It seemed somewhat crumbled, and odd to step on. Of course, when running so fast, you could probably never notice one step from another without a huge difference. It was that way with Sonic. He figured he'd return to that spot eventually...

However, he came to a screeching halt as something exceedingly dark blue and familiar was miles away from him.

It was Bokkun, Eggman's messenger robo. "Hi, Sonic, long time no see!"

"What is it?" asked Sonic, impatiently.

I got a message for you! So listen!! Bokkun reached into his green bag and pulled out a yellow TV that soon clicked on. As usual, Dr. Eggman appeared.

"Well, Sonic, it seems this messenger robo finally caught up with you... now, I would just like to inform you even though you've defeated me many times in the past, this time you won't be able to!"

Sonic yawned. "That's it? Just another one of your plans you're gonna give away so I'll beat you? All right then-"

"Oh it isn't my normal plan, Sonic, I'm trying another one that was used before, yes, but this time that rotten little kid isn't here to help stop me!"

Sonic stepped back slightly, not saying anything. Eggman was referring to Chris, and how both of them were separated after they realized Earth's time was messing up badly. What specific event Eggman was referring to, he didn't know. He stared for a slight moment, and then gained an angry look.

"Well?" Dr. Eggman said, to break the short amount of silence.

"That was all your fault... you started it..." Sonic mumbled. He forced a grin. "Ha! I'll just have to beat you even faster than usual! I KNOW you hate being defeated slowly... it's happened many times."

"Gyah! Sonic! You have yet to know my real plan! Just wait, I'll be unstoppable!"

"So..." Bokkun said, "what should I do now?"

"Well..." Eggman thought, "push the red button."

"Oh yeah! The red one!" Bokkun happily pushed the red button and threw it at Sonic and the TV blew up in Sonic's hands. Bokkun flew away, laughing.

Sonic couldn't believe he just let that happen, but then again, as long as no one was there to see his mistake, it was somewhat funny. Painful, but funny. Besides, his mind had been partially focused on other memories. With that, his fake smile shifted to a blank expression, and he continued running through the mountains. Or perhaps... maybe he'd return to his friends.

Decoe and Bocoe figured the robot was perfectly fine, now. They walked out of their dark room for a break, considering Dr. Eggman wasn't there, for some reason, to tell them what to do. They sat down on two metal chairs in a room full of random computers along the walls, and one in the middle.

They noticed something kept clicking and squeaking. Decoe and Bocoe looked at each other then walked toward the noise, which was coming from behind the middle computer. There was a hallway behind it, one they'd been in before. It was where Dr. Eggman created new things, or made plans. Now that he'd been caught doing something, they couldn't help but spy on him.

The tried their best to be quiet, although being robots, they would always clang or squeak. However, they noticed if they walked at the right moments, it'd make noises just as Eggman was with whatever tool he was using. So they sort of timed their steps to match the repetitive sound of what sounded like a wrench.

When they reached the end of the hallway, they looked through the door-less opening, and there was Eggman, working on a robot. It was a gray brown, and it almost looked like a combination of themselves. However, it wasn't finished, so they didn't see much aside from the fact that it had somewhat thin legs like Decoe, but they were about as short as Bocoe's. It was the same with the arms, which had no hands yet.

"This robot will surely be the most loyal I have," Dr. Eggman said to himself, "and perhaps the smartest... and best of all, it won't argue or doubt my plans... I just need to teach it everything it needs to know..." He sat on a chair and turned to a huge computer behind him with many random lights and began typing things.

Decoe and Bocoe looked at each other, then walked back, without as much effort to be quiet as before.

"You don't think..." Decoe whispered, "that he might..."

"Well..." Bocoe almost answered.

"And then we..."

"He wouldn't just fire us... right?"

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