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Each Mind Has a Heart

By Papersak

Part 3 - Sonic and People

After seeing and re-seeing many places, Sonic finally decided to return to civilization. Although this world wasn't exactly a city like the past one was, it was still normally populated like one, and everyone he knew pretty much lived around the same area. So just as he was about to visit Tails, Amy was suddenly coming home from shopping.

Sonic groaned slightly and then realized... Tails's house had no doorbell of any sort. So he knocked quickly, and Amy still managed to hear him. She dropped her bags and instantly ran to him.

"Soooooniiiic!!!" she yelled, grabbing and hugging him.

"Gyah... erm... hi, Amy," Sonic replied.

"Oh Sonic, I wasn't sure when you'd come back today! How are you?"

"Fine... um... you?"

"How sweet of you to ask! I'm fine!"

"Yeah, I was just... going to Tails's house... answer the freaking door, Tails-"


"Um, nothing!"

And at last, Tails answered the door.

"Hi, Tails!" Sonic said instantly, sort of pushing Amy off.

"Hi, Sonic, sorry I didn't answer earlier... kinda working on stuff. What's up?"

"Eh, not much... the usual."

"Well," Amy said, "I should probably pick up my things before I forget and leave them there... byyyye, Soniiic!" she walked away, waving at him.

"So, what've you been making?" Sonic asked.

"Ah... just a little robot," Tails replied. "I'm actually gonna try and create a mind, kinda like Eggman does with some of his robots. So far everything I've tried failed, but... I'll get something soon... I hope."

"Cool." Sonic opened his mouth to say something, but stopped. Something was bothering him, and he was never the type to truly admit it. Not even to someone like a brother to him.

Tails frowned a little. "Are you thinking about... a few weeks ago?"

"Yeah, Kinda, but... it's... not that bad... really."

"Well... I miss 'em, too... it's just a real shame..." Tails paused. "... well... maybe we just... shouldn't say much."

"I guess that'd work." Sonic tried to think of something to change the subject. "Anyway, good luck on your robot. I know you can do it, Tails!" Sonic gave a thumbs up and smiled.

It cheered Tails up. He nodded in agreement. "Thanks, Sonic. I'll see you later!"

Both of them waved for about three seconds as Tails shut the door.

Sonic thought about what caused this moment, being the message coming from Eggman. Apparently, he had another plan coming. Sonic figured he would have to expect anything to happen at any moment. He smiled at the thought of a new challenge from him, and resumed running.

Sonic turned around and there was Shadow, out of nowhere. Sonic almost jumped back, and was disappointed by that because he'd JUST told himself to expect anything.

"Well, it seems we have more in common than I thought," Shadow said.

"Like what?" Sonic asked.

"The loss of a good friend, of course."

Sonic sort of growled. "Why are you bringing this up? You never even talk to me, anyway." He started to walk one way, but Shadow stepped in front of him.

"No reason. It IS somewhat interesting, though. And perhaps now you really know what it's like to be in my place."

"So that's it? You're just here to remind of stuff I'd rather not talk about?!"

Shadow noticed his tone. He never liked admitting he was wrong. Inside, both of them probably wanted to start over and stop fighting, but at this point, neither would give in.

Shadow, for one, wanted to end it, simply because he really never could get along with many people. Sonic, on the other hand, expected Shadow to give in first if he wanted that. So neither hedgehog was going to win.

Considering Shadow would probably be choking Sonic with all his might if he had been the one to bring this up, he decided to stop it. "Eh... it's nothing, really. You seem to be taking this better than I have, at least..."

"Shad, you'd probably be far better off if you'd stop trying to act like you're evil. You're not fooling anyone. I know you got a heart. But if you won't show it, nothing I can do."

"Well... goodbye, then, Sonic."

Both glared at each other and ran in opposite directions.

... Then they realized they both had places they wanted to go, and turned around.

(... All right this had nothing to do with Decoe and Bocoe, but they'll have several chapters...)

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