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Each Mind Has a Heart

By Papersak

Part 4 - You Missed Something...

"All right, then!" Eggman said, "Time to launch my latest robot, E-2154!"

"E-2154?" Decoe asked.

"Well, I've had... um... a lot of robots that weren't... perfected."

"I thought you were only on 2063..." said Bocoe.

"Wait, don't you mean 2074?"

"SHUT UP! It's reasons like that that I'm..." he stopped. "Never mind..."

"Sorry, Dr. Eggman..." both robots said.

"It's 2154, because I decided it was."

"Yes, sir," both said again in agreement, afraid of what would happen if they said anything else.

Suddenly, a huge tunnel opened from a tall mountain. The huge robot Decoe and Bocoe were cleaning earlier was rolling out. It somewhat resembled a satellite, although it was mostly a flat but gigantic glass lens, with a few rockets around it to send it off somewhere. The rockets to send it into the sky went off.

"Now, I shall set it up into the sky again, not to block the sun, but to magnify its rays now! Sonic will surely surrender to me..."

"You will most likely succeed this time!" Bocoe exclaimed.

"Just as long as the glass was spotless," Eggman reminded them, "and as long as you two didn't miss any-"

Suddenly, the rockets exploded, the robot half caught fire, and a huge amount of glass broke.

"... Glitches."

"Erm... we're sorry, we will fix it right away!"

Although it was severely damaged, the huge machine was still able to roll itself back inside. They'd have to clean up all the glass, though.

"Arrgggh." Dr. Eggman was angry, and glared at Decoe and Bocoe, who gulped and sweat-dropped. "For that, you're getting rid of all the glass shards on the ground!"

"But... isn't glass sharp?" Decoe asked.

"Not to robots. Besides, you'll be using tools anyway. Now hurry! If anyone notices this in the morning, they may find out!"

"Yes, Dr. Eggman!" Decoe and Bocoe agreed. They got out of their chair and got ahold of a giant plow-like vehicle, and after some slight arguing, Decoe was the one driving it (because Bocoe was always a little too short to see well, anyway).

After they got a majority of the glass, they looked out at the stars. Occasionally one would sparkle, and then a few would shine in a row, as if a shooting star was going by. But they were just... there. Neither of them noticed often, though. They had rarely been away from Eggman long enough to just do things on their own.

"Seems like we're always locked up, and we never see what's around," Bocoe said randomly.

"Yup..." Decoe agreed.

They sort of just ignored it, but Bocoe looked back up for a few seconds.

"Come on, Bocoe," Decoe said, grabbing Bocoe's arm and almost dragging him back inside.

They returned inside.
Decoe and Bocoe were about to fix the badly damaged robot, when suddenly Bokkun flew by.

"Hi, Bokkun," Decoe said.

"Hey, Decoe and Bocoe!" he said. "Do-"

The intercom came on suddenly. "AHEM! Decoe! Bocoe! Report to my main room now!"

"Ah!" Bocoe said. "We should probably go now..."

"All right then," said Bokkun, "see ya!" He flew off, probably to blow something up.

Decoe and Bocoe wouldn't exactly be considered friends with Bokkun, but as long as they don't make him angry (which was sometimes hard), they got along nicely. Though now wasn't the time to be thinking about it, so they just went to Eggman.

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