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Each Mind Has a Heart

By Papersak

Part 6 Escape

But all it was was a magnet pulling them down onto a conveyor belt. As everything fell, Bocoe grasped the memory card, as if it was some sort of instinct.

"What's... happening?" Decoe struggled to say.

Bocoe could only move his eyes. He and Decoe looked around. "I guess we're moving on this thing..."

"Where are we going?"

There was a huge banging sound ahead of them. Bocoe, having a smaller head, managed to look up just enough to see a huge weight pounding the conveyor belt and crushing the old robot parts. His pupils instantly shrank, and he fainted.

"What?" Decoe asked. "I can't see!" He tried to get up as hard as he could, but the sound kept getting louder.

He focused as hard as he could, deeply frustrated that he couldn't do anything, and somehow he heard multiple sparks and the electric charge of his body shifted to match the magnet's charge, and he was able to float somewhat. The problem was, he wasn't able to get to Bocoe. He did, however, see the huge weight-like object killing the parts ahead, broke his concentration, and then fell instantly back onto the belt, face first. He tried to get back up again, but not as much this time. He was able to get whatever he did to work just enough to act as if there was no magnet.

He ran to Bocoe and tried to get him up. He wouldn't budge, so Decoe looked around for something else. There were a few buttons along the side of the wall just before the weight that he couldn't figure out. He slammed his hand on about ten of them at once and pulled a switch. The weight, the magnet, and even the lights turned off. The silence without the weight caused Bocoe to regain consciousness; however he was afraid of the lights going out again.

"Decoe!" he yelled. "Where are you?"

"Over here!" Decoe said. However, he really had no idea where exactly he was either.

Eventually everything came back on. Just as the lights began to flicker the magnet became strong. Decoe and Bocoe looked at the weight and ran as fast as they could through it. Bocoe managed to make it past before the magnet clicked on completely. Decoe, on the other hand, fell to the ground just as he was under the weight. Luckily, something Decoe pushed earlier sped up the conveyor belt, but it wasn't fast enough and his right leg below his knee was crushed, along with part of his left toe. He yelled, although being a robot, he didn't feel much of it. He was just afraid, for he could no longer feel his right foot.

Bocoe was able to get up later, as he got farther ahead. He tried to run to Decoe, but the magnet would pull him down as he went back. When Decoe finally caught up to him, he was trying to get up. Just then, they'd reached the end of the conveyor belt and fell down yet another hole.

The two robots lay there for a while. Being the last robots in the pile of garbage, nothing was falling on top of them.

Bocoe opened his hand and looked at the glowing green object he found earlier. "If it was erased," he started to say, it wouldn't be lighting up like this..."

"I wonder what was wrong with it," said Decoe, "doesn't say anywhere what it was fore, does it?"

"Well... hmm... oh... I think this is the label... it says 681053-1023RR0R019284."

"Do you know what that means?"

"Um... no."

"Oh... cause I don't either."

They looked around. "How do we get out?" asked Decoe.

Bocoe looked up. There was a vent on the wall, but it was very high. "Decoe, can you reach that?" He pointed to it.

"I don't think so..." Decoe reached for the vent, but he was a few feet short.

"Well... try getting on my shoulders," Bocoe suggested.

And that's what Decoe did, he started with his less-damaged left foot. But his right foot was so flat, that as he stepped on Bocoe with it, he slipped and fell, landing on Bocoe and causing him to fall, too.

"This... won't... work," Bocoe said.

"Let's try again..."

Decoe used his better foot, then leaned against the wall as he used the other. He carefully moved his hand upward, and had most of his weight on his good foot. He was barely able to touch the vent, which, thankfully, was open. He slipped his small pointy fingers onto the bottom of the opening, and because he didn't have a good hold, he wasn't able to climb up. He tried to jump, but he hit his head on the top of the small opening.

After he fell down, he looked back at it. "I didn't know it was so small..." Decoe said.

"Well, you know," Bocoe started, "if you just don't look where you're going... and tilt your head forward completely... you might make it."

"Great... moving... in a small vent... with no way of telling where it ends."

"Nah, I'll go ahead."

"How? You kinda... have to be... tall to climb that."

"Hey! Are you saying I'm short."

"... um... let's argue after this."

"Fine. And plus, all you gotta do is lift me up, anyway."

First, Bocoe tossed the little memory card he'd found earlier into the vent.

"What are you going to do with that?" asked Decoe.

"I don't know," Bocoe replied, "but I wanna know what it is."

Decoe put his hands down and Bocoe put one foot in them. He used his hands to sort of climb the wall in front of him as Decoe pulled him up. Bocoe, however, had problems reaching the vent. He struggled to stretch his hand out, but eventually reached it. The only problem was he didn't have the strength in his fingers to lift himself up.

"Can't... get... up," Bocoe said.

Decoe gave up and let go of Bocoe. This somehow caused Bocoe to freak out enough to suddenly climb the wall and get into the vent. "Wow," Decoe said. "Maybe we should do things without thinking more often. So far it's getting us places..."

"And speaking of getting places," Bocoe said, "How do you intend on getting up here?"

"Good question," Decoe answered. "but I don't think I can be scared as easily as you were just now." He chuckled.

Bocoe sort of glared evilly at Decoe for a few seconds. Then he looked at a random spot on the ground. "DECOE! I THINK THERE'S A SPIDER BEHIND YOU!" He pointed somewhere.

Decoe looked around, panicking, then he made a very high jump to the vent and got in, head first. As Bocoe mentioned earlier, Decoe couldn't look up, and had to face the ground at all times in order for his head to fit.

"And I was the scared one?"

"... there wasn't a spider?" Decoe would've whacked himself if he wasn't looking down. "All right, where do we go?"

"Well... I actually have no idea."

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