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Each Mind Has a Heart

By Papersak

Part 7 ... more bad news?

"Let's just go forward," Bocoe suggested. He picked up the computer-chip-like card, and crawled through the vent, with Decoe following him. Decoe was going slowly, because even though he knew Bocoe would be honest about where he was going, he still didn't know where he was at. And, as you might think, Bocoe didn't have any more of an idea about things either.

Bocoe came across a few openings that were sealed, but still had strips of light coming through them. He'd look down each to hopefully find out where he was. However, he hadn't seen much of Eggman's base, only a few rooms. However, he did recognize Eggman's office, and he stopped.

"Decoe! I found something! Stop!"

"Is it the exit?" Decoe asked. "Because I'd like to see things again some time soon."

"No! But I think it's close..." Bocoe looked down, and he noticed Eggman came in. He was followed by a strange looking gray brown robot, having short, thin legs as well as arms, and had a somewhat pointy yet round head. Its eyes were a reddish brown, and were somewhat like Decoe and Bocoe's. In fact, the entire robot looked like a mix between Decoe and Bocoe.

"How can I serve you, Dr. Eggman?" it asked, in a somewhat evil almost-high pitched monotonous robotic voice. That was one thing that separated this robot from Decoe and Bocoe.

Eggman sighed. "There's not much left for you to do. Have you fixed my machine?"

"It needs to be looked over," it replied. "But it will be ready in approximately... one week."

"A WEEK?!" Eggman yelled. He calmed down, and sat in a chair behind a desk near the right wall. "Well, at least it's guaranteed to work this time. It's that I like about having a more loyal robot... Becoe."

"Becoe?" Decoe and Bocoe both thought, because if they spoke, they'd definitely be heard.

"I assure you it will work, Doctor!" said Becoe. "You will defeat Sonic once and for all!"

"Ah... yes," Dr. Eggman said as he moved onto another subject. "It's probably time I replace my other robots as well... many seem outdated..." He walked out of the room, and at that instant, Decoe and Bocoe resumed going forward through the ventilation system, however, they stopped again as they noticed Eggman had just walked into the next room they were above.

While not much could be seen from the small gaps in the vent, Decoe and Bocoe could see it was another office of some sort, except this one had a large table along with some plans. There was a computer on one side, a door leading to the hallway on what looked like the "top" of the room from Decoe and Bocoe's perspective, a desk on the other side of the computer, and the entire room was bordered with shades of gray. The walls were silver and the floor was a dark color.

"Now, then, let me see," Eggman started. He got onto the huge computer and began typing. While Decoe and Bocoe couldn't see, things were scrolling across a blue screen, until it finally stopped at a long list of robots. "These are older than I thought," Eggman said again, as he opened another sort of window on the screen with a different program. He began typing. "All right... I need to replace... E-162, E-256, have a robot similar to E-101 and his little 'brothers'," he stopped, getting angry over the thought of Gamma. "It's good to see they're all gone. I'll continue... past my robots of relating to the E series... let's see..." He began seeing which ones needed updating. "Not that one... that's fine... eh, this one can survive for a while... ah... my messenger robot." He stopped and thought for a moment. "Eh... I don't think he'll be too much of a problem. For some reason I can't remember, I DID end up making him too young, though..." he typed the name down, and resumed going on with more robots.

Decoe and Bocoe were wondering what they'd do. Would they need to help Bokkun? Is Eggman really going to get rid of him? How the freaking heck are they getting out of the base in the first place?! HOW MUCH LONGER WOULD EGGMAN BE IN THIS ROOM, ANYWAY?!

(Also, Becoe's voice came from Gamma's 4Kids voice. I'm serious, he sounds like that. 4Kids needs to die a burning death.)

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