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Part 8 We made it...

After about a half hour, Eggman was finally done, or at least close. He figured he'd need to get started on new robots as quickly as possible, and he picked only the ones that were badly old. Therefore, Bokkun would definitely be safe. For now.

When the room was finally empty, Decoe and Bocoe kept going through the vent, until finally, they reached a huge drop, leading to what looked like a black hole at the bottom.

"Decoe, hold on a second!" Bocoe said.

Decoe stopped. "What now?" he asked.

"There's a hole right here..."

"Ah! No, I'm not going down a hole. Or... how deep is it?"

"It keeps going and going and going..."

"Somehow that sounds familiar... but... what will we do?"

"Well, there's no other option... I guess we'll have to go down here."

"I'm just glad I have no idea how far down it goes yet."

"All right..." Bocoe looked at the hole, and stalled before he jumped, "ready... um... 3... 2... ... ... 1-"

"Just go!!" Decoe yelled.

Bocoe panicked again and slipped down the hole, head first. Decoe was finally able to go forward, and froze when he saw how deep it was, as well as the fact that he was seeing Bocoe fall down it. But, he thought, there was no other thing to do. He closed his eyes and fell down, screaming.

Both of them fell for about 2 full minutes each, and the entire way they were yelling from fear. When Bocoe finally hit the bottom, he'd landed on many robot parts, on his face. He didn't want to get up. He should have, though, because about 10 seconds later Decoe landed directly on top of him. Both robots lay there for a while, until suddenly, things began to vibrate again.

"Ah! What's happening now?!" Decoe yelled.

"This seems to be happening a lot today..." said Bocoe.

The entire floor seemed to drop, and they both fell with it.

"That, too," Bocoe said as the robots were falling.

They reached for each other, but Bocoe began falling before Decoe, and they were screaming again. Eventually, after about only 30 seconds this time, they were outside. It was late at night, around 11:30-ish. A cool breeze blew often, but neither of them could feel it. Or any weather for that matter.

Bocoe was the first to get up. He'd landed pretty much on top of the huge amount of random objects. He looked around to se what just happened. Apparently, they were on a huge pile of garbage Eggman was throwing away, that was somehow connected to the vent, perhaps so it'd collect the dust from inside there, too. This was all located on the dark side of a huge mountain, in a deserted area where few people came.

Bocoe looked around, panicking. "Decoe!" he yelled. He was trying to walk over the garbage and after stepping on dust, papers, and scraps of metal, he stepped on a crushed gold-like object connected to something brown. It was Decoe's badly injured foot.

Bocoe grabbed it and pulled as much as he could. After a minute or two, Decoe regained consciousness and tried to help himself out. Bocoe had pulled enough for part of Decoe's better foot to be out, so he kicked it, and got his right arm out. Bocoe let go of him. Decoe used whatever he could in his body to push his way to the top, and when he was finally out, he stood up for a few seconds, and fell backwards.

"That... was scary," Decoe said.

"Well," Bocoe started, "at least we're out..."

Decoe tried to get up, but he kept falling from his right leg, which was now in worse condition after falling into the garbage.

"This won't work well..." Decoe said. He sighed.

"I guess I could help you," suggested Bocoe.

"All right." Bocoe walked over to Decoe's right side, and Decoe used his arm to lean on his shoulder. Bocoe wouldn't get tired for a while, being a robot, even though Decoe was taller than him. Both of them just resumed their original plan, and went forward.

After what seemed like hours, they came across a forest of some sort. Or at least the beginning of one. By now, both of them were tired of walking, and found a log to rest on.

"What now...?" Decoe said.

"I don't know. There's not many places to go anymore..." Bocoe replied.

Both of them were deeply tired. Bocoe yawned and almost fell asleep sitting up. Decoe was also falling asleep, but instead, he was falling backwards off the log. Neither was going to stop the other, so Bocoe was in front of the log as he slept, and Decoe was behind it, only using the log as a sort of footrest.

Decoe and Bocoe were still somewhat upset about being fired, but they fell asleep too fast to think about it for long.

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