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Tomodachi means forever


(WARNING: this fic contains some minor shadouge and Japanese. If you don't like it then meh.)
(the title says tomadachi means forever)
(I don't own sonic and, the other, sonic related stuff.)

Tomadachi Means Forever

Chapt.. 1: Friends Forever

Shadow the Hedgehog sat on a hill thinking. He was so confused. He didn't understand how he could love Rouge. "If I was created as a weapon, how can I have a heart?" he asked himself.
"Because you weren't created as a weapon." Rouge suddenly interupted his thoughts. "Gerald didn't want to research weapons. GUN made him. He secretly gave you a heart and a soul. But most importantly, a heart."
They looked at each other. Without thinking, they hugged. Suddenly, a large metal claw came out of nowhere, grabbing Shadow's chaos emerald. They recognized that evil laugh anywhere. It was Eggman!! Eggman was so excited for finally getting the last chaos emerald he started to celebrate. He (shudder) danced and sang. A disco ball came out of nowhere. "Da, da da da, da, daaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!" Decoe and Bocoe rolled around on the ground laughing at him, while Bokkun ate apple pie. When they got back to the base, Eggman decided to go get more apple pie. "Decoe, Bocoe, you guys are in charge. As for you Bokkun, just make sure you don't eat all the apple pie."
"Awwww," said Bokkun as he moved on to the strawberry cake. Eggman left and everything was quiet for a while.
When Decoe and Bocoe were just starting to relax, the base started to shake. Shadow was trying to break into the base to get his chaos emerald back!! Bocoe hid under a table while Decoe ran in circles. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOKKUN, BOKKUN, WHADDU WE DO?!" they screamed.
"I dunno, you guys are incharge, you figure it out," replied Bokkun with a faceful of strawberry cake.
"NOOO!!!!!!! NOT JAPANESE!!!!!!!!! I CAN'T UNDERSTAND JAPANESE!!!!!!!!!! IT'S LIKE, IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE!!!!!!!!!" screamed Bokkun.
"GIVE ME MY CHAOSA EMERALDO (chaos emerald)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" yelled Shadow.
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Bokkun screamed. "What's he saying, I dunno, it's in Japanese, give him his what, I MUST KNOOOOOWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!"
"Chill out Bokkun, it's just Japanese," said Decoe.
"Yeah, besides, Japan is cool," said Bocoe.
After a long time of trying to break in without succeeding, Shadow collapsed. Rouge picked him up with a struggle (he was heavy) and said "We'll be back!!" then flew away. "Does anyone other than me think that was kind of mean for Eggman to take his chaos emerald?" said Decoe.
"Yeah, I guess," said Bocoe.
"Egguman-sama no baka (Eggman is an idiot)!!!!!!!!!!!!!" said Bokkun.
"Hey, Bokkun, I thought you couldn't speak Japanese," said Decoe.
"I just like that line because Eggman is an idiot!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!" said Bokkun.*everyone sweatdrops*
"Hello everyone, i'm baaaack!!!!!!" said Eggman as he walked through the door. "I got apple pie!!"
"Apple pie....," said Bokkun.
"Don't even think about it," said Eggman. "So, anything interesting happen while I was gone? What's the matter? You two don't look well."
Decoe and Bocoe stood shivering, still shocked and nervous. "Umm, nothing really, Eggman."
"Oh, OK, hey, wait a minute, who ate all the strawberry cake?" asked Eggman.
"It was Bokkun!!" they chorused.

"What's the matter Decoe?"
Decoe snapped out of his thoughts. He was in one of the rooms of the base. He had been thinking about what it would be like to be good. He was questioning whether he was a good guy or not. "Hey Bocoe, are we the bad guys?"
"I dunno, let's ask Eggman," said Bocoe.
"Hey Eggman, are we the bad guys?" asked Decoe.
"Well of course you are, we're evil!! Haven't we been through this?" said Eggman.
"No," they said.
"Oh, well now we have. We're evil."
Decoe and Bocoe left the room. They were sad. They didn't want to be evil. So that night, they started to plan.

The next morning, when Eggman woke up, no one was there, since they took Bokkun with them. The alarm soon sounded off that someone was in the room where he was keeping the emeralds. When Eggman saw the security camera, he didn't believe it. It was Bokkun flying Decoe and Bocoe into the emerald room. Decoe grabbed the emerald that belonged to Shadow. "I can't believe my own robots have betrayed me!!!" he said to himself.
Bokkun flew them out again. "We'll meet again, robots," Eggman said to himself.

"Here it is Shadow, as promised," said Decoe.
"Thank you Decoe, you have gained my respect. And you two, too," said Shadow.
"Arigato (thank you) Shadow," said Decoe.
Shadow and Rouge walked away. "Hey, you guys know what? It feels good helping people," said Decoe.
"Yeah, it kinda does," said Bocoe.
"Hey guys, let's be friends," said Bokkun.
"Yeah, tomadachi hateshinaku!" said Decoe.
"YEAH!!.......Huh?" said Bokkun.
"You don't know what I'm talking about, do you?"
"No," said Bokkun as he nodded his head yes.
"It means friends forever. Tomadachi means friend, and friend means forever."

SRH: More coming soon...
Decoe: Chill out Bokkun, we'll find out.
Jerry-Bob-Bill: But what if we don't? What if we never know?
Bocoe: Who the crud are you?
Jerry: I'm-
SRH: Shut up!! Stop giving the story away!!

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