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Tomodachi means forever

(half credit to Papersak for this part)

Tomadachi Means Forever
Chapt. 2: Team Robotix

Decoe and his new friends walked into Eggman's room of the base. "Eggman, just give up, you're not taking over the world," said Decoe.
"Eggman, you're an idiot," said Bokkun.
"You're supposed to obey me!!" said Eggman.
"We quit. You always lose and your robot names suck," said Bocoe.
"No they dont!!" said Eggman. The phone rang. Eggman answered it. "Hello? What do you mean my robot names do suck?" He hung up.
"See?" said Bocoe.
Eggman started to get mad. "You stop making fun of my other robots or you're fired!!" said Eggman.
"....OK," said Bocoe. Then they left.
They were wandering around on the streets. "Now what do we do? We dont have a job," said Decoe.
"I'm bored. Let's blow something up!!" said Bokkun.
"Dont you think that'll make things worse?" said Bocoe.
"Mabye, who cares?" said Bokkun.
"...You know, we should look for something to do," said Decoe. They walked for a little while, then Bokkun spotted something.
"Look!! A help wanted sign!! Lets says: WANTED: 3 robots. Preferably: 1 tall, one short, and 1 tiny robot. Tiny one must love blowing things up.
"Hey, that sounds just like us!!" said Decoe.
"Firey explosions!! Firey explosions!!" said Bokkun.
"This seems kinda suspicious..." said Decoe.
"Firey explosions!! Firey explosions!!" said Bokkun.
"Besides, we're kinda desperate," said Bocoe.
"OK, let's call the number," said Decoe. They all walked into a phone booth. Decoe dialed the number. "Hello? Yeah, we're some robots we thought you were looking for. See, I'm tall, and the ather guy is short and fat..."
"Hey!!" said Bocoe.
"...Erm, short, and we've got an explosion obsessed small robot with us.
"Firey ex-," said Bokkun as Bocoe covered his mouth.
"Quiet!!" he said.
"Great!! We got the job!! Now just send us the....," A package fell down nearby. ".....e.....quipment. What a coincidince," said Decoe. He hung up. Bocoe picked up the package and opened it. There was a walkie talkie inside.
"Awww, we gotta carry this the whole time?" said Bokkun.
"Yes," said the walkie talkie.
"Ahh!! It's on already!!" said Bokkun.
"Now, you have to go through many places to reach umm, your goal area. You must also complete challenges," said the walkie talkie.
"Whats the point of making us doing challenges?" said Bocoe.
"Because i can," answered the walkie talkie.
"You suck," said Bokkun.
"Do you want a job or not?"
"Well, yeah, but..." said Decoe.
"Then do the freaking challenges!!"
"All right, all right," said Decoe. And with that, they were off.

SRH: So guys, how was that?
Decoe: It was OK.
SRH: What do you mean OK?
Decoe: What am I supposed to say, it was wonderful?
SRH: Oh, why thank you Decoe!!
Decoe: -_-" .........

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