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Tomodachi means forever

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Tomodachi Means Forever
Chapt. 3: OMG It's the Ice Cow
Team Robotix found themselves in a field. "Well, this isn't so bad," said Decoe.
"Not yet! Wait until we find something!" said Bocoe.
"You're right... it's so empty right here... no fun," said Bokkun.
"You're on a job now! Now... for a test... you must collect 5 rabbits..." said the walkie talkie.
"Why?" asked Bocoe.
"Because there's a reward," said the walkie talkie.
"Oh then that works!" said Decoe. After walking for a while, they came upon the first rabbit. "What are we supposed to carry it in?" asked Decoe. The rabbit was then transported to, um, wherever the holder of the WT was.
"That works," said Bocoe.
"OMG SOMEBODY HELP US!!!!!!!!!" shrieked Decoe.
"What's the matter with you guys?" asked Bokkun.
"IT'S A ROBOT COW!!!! OMG!!!" yelled Decoe.
"YAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!! SOMETHING TO BLOW UP!!!!!!!!!!!" screamed Bokkun. He threw a bomb and the cow blew up. "THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!!"
"OMG, THERE'S LIKE, ROBOTS EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!" yelled Decoe. "Go get 'em Bocoe!!"
"What?" said Bocoe. Decoe and Bokkun threw him into the air twards the nearest robot. "AAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!" He put his hands over his head and landed on the robot. "Well, that was easy," he said as it was destroyed. "YEAH!!!!!!!! Go me, go me, it's my birthday, it's my birthday...." He rotated his arms in a circular fashion.
"Since it's your birthday, isn't it mine too?" asked Decoe, "I mean, we were created at like, the same time."
"No, you have to destroy a robot first," said Bocoe.
"Okay," said Decoe. He punched another robot cow. "Is it my birthday now?"
"Ummm, sure Decoe," said Bocoe,"sure."
"Hey look it's another rabbit!!" said Bokkun.
"Awww, this one's in a box, now what do we do?" asked Decoe.
"LET'S BLOW IT UP, LET'S BLOW IT UP!!!!!" screamed Bokkun.
"It's not working," said Bocoe as Bokkun threw bombs at it. "Maybe we have to defeat all these robots here." They killed all the robots in the area, then the box opened, revealing the second rabbit. It was transported again. After that they soon found another, then some rings laying on the ground.
"What are these for?" asked Decoe.
"I dunno, just pick some up and hope for the best," said Bocoe. They picked some up. Later, they were walking along looking for more rabbits, when this gigantic robot came out of nowhere and smacked them with his hammer. Luckily, they had rings so nothing happened to them, but the rings did get scattered all over the ground. They picked them up again.
"Now what do we do?" said Decoe.
"Hey you know what's weird guys? All of a sudden I feel more powerful," said Bocoe.
"That's called team blast, now use it!!" shrieked the WT.
"Umm, okay," said Decoe. Bokkun threw bombs and Decoe and Bocoe ran in circles. The robot was destroyed and a rabbit was left behind. Only one more.
"Okay, only one more!!" said Bocoe. "Yeah!! Go me, go me..."
"Hey Bocoe...." said Decoe.
"Oh, just forget it Decoe," said Bocoe.
"Hey there it is!!" said Bokkun.
"YAY!! We're done," said Bocoe. They were immiediatly transported to somewhere else.
"WHAT THE CRUD WHERE ARE WE??" yelled Bokkun.
"Oh well, whatever, let's just go on," said Decoe.
"I'm tired... let's take a break," said Bocoe.
"You're like... weak. And we haven't had enough explosions yet...," said Bokkun.
"You NEVER have enough," said Decoe.
"Right, meaning there's not enough now!" said Bokkun.
"You know, we should just keep going," said Decoe.
"Crud...," said Bocoe.
"Ahem. For this mission, you must find my strongest Chao... a black one," said the WT.
"Double crud," said Bocoe.
"Well, um, thereís a chao!" said Decoe.
"Thatís a hero chao, Decoe" said Bocoe.
"If we pick it up, do you think heíd notice?" asked Decoe.
"Yeah, for some reason I think so," said Bokkun.
"ONO MORE ROBOTS OMG," yelled Bocoe. "And this one flies!"
"Ono, ono, whaddywe do????" said Decoe. Then Bokkun threw Decoe and Bocoe in ball form to the robot. It was paralyzed, then brought down to the ground.
"Well, what are you waiting for?? Go kill him!!" said Bokkun.
"Umm, okay," said Bocoe. He went and killed the robot. "What was that?" he said.
"That was a robot Bocoe, I thought we already went throught this," said Bokkun.
"No, I mean that attack," he said, annoyed.
"That was Thunder Shoot," said the WT.
"Donít you ever shut off??" asked Decoe.
"No, Iíve gotta keep you guys from getting killed," it said.
"Oh, ok- wait a minuteÖ" said Decoe. After walking for a while, they came across many more robots, and I donít wanna type all that, so Iím just gonna cut to the chase.
"Well, hereís the chao," said Bocoe. They all prepared for the transport. "I still canít get used to that," he said.
"What's this?" said Bokkun.
"... a cow?" said Decoe.
"Weird..." said Bocoe. Then the Ice Dragon flew in.
"Whatcha know... robots," he said.
"That's... that's... who the crud is that?" said Bocoe.
"Uhhh..." said Decoe.
"SHUT UP!" said the Ice Dragon.
"BAKA!!" said Bokkun.
"If you must know, I'm the most evil creature, the Ice Dragon, destroyer of comics!" said the ID.
"Comics?" asked Decoe.
"Long story..." he said.
"Well, you must be lost, cause this is a game," said Bocoe.
"Be quiet so I can kill you," said the ID.
"Meh. You're still an idiot," said Bokkun. So they fought the Ice Dragon, and they eventually won.
"You havenít seen the last of me!!" yelled the ice dragon.
"Yay!! Weíre finally done!!" said Bocoe joyously. Just then, they were transported somewhere else.

SRH: Well, Iím finally done with chapt. 3.
Decoe: Wow. I was beginning to think you would never finish that.
Jerry-Bob-Bill: No kidding.
SRH: What the, would you just get out of here??!!

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